The Studio is a single-ended Class A tube amp that is inspired by Dave Hunter's Two-Stroke amp.

As the name implies, this amp is great for studio recording. Its power output ranges from 2 to 7 Watts (depends on power tube used) so you can crank this amp and get the power tube to distort at reasonable levels.

The Studio also comes with the Variable Voltage Regulator (VVR). It scales the power of the amp allowing you to get power tube distortion at even lower levels. Get that cranked amp sound at bedroom friendly levels.

The amp made for tube tasting. You can use KT66, 6L6. 6V6, EL34, EL84 and 6K6 power tubes. For preamp tubes, 12AX7, 12AY7, 12AT7 and 5751 can be used. The amp comes standard with a JJ 6L6, a Groove Tube 5751 and a NOS 5Y3 rectifier.

The cabinet comes standard with void free Baltic Birch and are made using dovetail joints.